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Hoteliers, restaurateurs, local oyster farmers and ferries leaving from Locmariaquer, will be happy to help you discover the charms of the Gulf of Morbihan.

We all share the same passion: welcoming you.

Restaurants in Carnac

Restaurant la cote carnac
Restaurant La Côte in Carnac

The restaurant ‘La Côte” in Carnac very close to the standing stones, is a great restaurant with a warm welcome, an intimate setting with its small “zen” garden, and above all attentive and caring owners. Discover their “home” cuisine which combines surprising and delicious flavors.

A “Must !!

Restaurants, bars and tea rooms in the Trinité sur Mer

Le Quai  in la Trinité sur Mer, is a must-see, facing the old port. It is the opportunity to taste its famous “monkfish gratin”. The restaurant doesn’t make reservations, so you can have a drink while waiting in the bar “Le Carré”, just next door

L’étage  in La Trinité sur Mer right next to the yacht club, overlooking the harbour, either in a sheltered spot, on the terrace, or even on the roof, is an opportunity to have a drink at altitude, accompanied by tapas, a gratin or even a a camembert and chips!”

For a taste of seafood, our favourite oyster producers: Istrène Passion in St Philibert.

Le restaurant “L’Escale” à Locmariaquer: very nice, and right on the water’s edge!

 But also in Arradon at 18 Allée de la Pointe, chez Yvonnic Jégat, or at the Mahé Brothers, 25 rue du drénez in Larmor Baden  (56870) “berder”.

Oyster tasting in Crach, Locmariaquer, Larmor-Baden and Arradon, to fill up with energy and iodine, with oysters raised in the purest tradition, born and raised in the sea.

A very peaceful location on the banks of the Crach river at the mouth of the Golf of Morbihan, where you can taste the wonderful shellfish “la belle de Quiberon” or “la belle de Cancale”!…                                                                 

Climb aboard the “Angélus” for a trip around the Gulf of Morbihan. It’s very easy from the port of Locmariaquer !!

( Click below)Climb aboard the Angélus

 The Ker amusement park in Vannes

A unique 4D theme park in Brittany, based on the history of the Venetians”. A fun day awaits you! (cliquez en dessous)

 The parc du Ker in Vannes