Towards Arradon and Vannes

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An itinerary of sea and culture


Arradon will be one of the many stopovers, before reaching Vannes, very close by, with a short stop at the tip of Arradon and its small port. Take the coastal path on the Pen Er Men side towards the Vincent au Grézic tower.

Leaving the village of Arradon, head towards Vannes and explore its medieval city and its majestic cathedral (a treasure rests there). In one of the ancient alleys in Vannes, look up to discover the statue of “Vannes and his wife”. Discover its exceptional city center port and the open spaces of the Rambla on the left and right banks leading to the green bridge pier.

The aquarium is an essential and great day out, before boarding a passenger boat to the island of Arz, a must-see a magical island. Don’t forget the other possible boat trips to the beautiful islands of the Gulf.

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