A trip to l’Ile Aux Moines, Morbihan, France ….

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Among the unmissable pearls of the Gulf of Morbihan, a trip to the islands of l’Ile Aux Moines and l’île d’Arz. Ferries depart from the landing stage at Conleau.

Discover the charming coastal paths on L’île Aux Moines, an emblem of the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan. The island is lined with centuries-old low walls, adorned with the intoxicating smells of Hydrangeas and Mimosas an has some great little cafés and bars.

Only the tinkling of bicycle bells will surprise you at a corner, because on this island, cars are forbidden! Take advantage of it, especially before the high season or after the summer: peace and quiet guaranteed.!

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Cross over from the landing stage at Port Blanc, 10 minutes by shuttle bus across a strong current and you are on the other bank! As you get off the boat, turn to your right and follow the small coastal path to discover a large beach overlooking the bay of “Kerdélan” and its many colourful bathing cabins!