Morbihan’s great standing stones ! …

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Picture of a stone house

Wonderful granite stones


In our traditional hamlet…


In our guesthousenos”in amazing discovery in the municipality of Crac’h a standing stone buried underneath dense vegetation near to the Bay of Saint Jean: not yet visible to the general public.

However,”Luffang“still in the municipality of Crach’h, along the river on the left you can admire the unusual, de standing stones arranged in the form of an L.


And don’t miss the amazing megalithic site of the”Mane – Roularde”in La Trinité sur mer. After crossing the bridge, take the second turning on the right (hairpin), to the amazing megalithic site of the”Mane – Roularde”, which is a covered alley of monoliths forming rectilinear walls: only four large stones remain to form the ceiling!

The covered alley
The covered alley of “Mane-Roularde”.


Megalithic site of "Mane-Roularde” in La Trinité sur mer.

Here it’s all about energy!.